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Artist Spotlight: Billy Sprague

19 May

Oakland artist Billy Sprague wears many hats in the creative field. He is a muralist, musician, installation artist, illustrator and member of a tape label collective called Sanity Muffin.  I talked with him recently about how his focus lately is moving more toward the audio than the visual. This makes sense to me since he’s been making music for two decades in bands such as Ordination of Aaron and Daredevil. These days his music takes on a more ethereal droning experimentalism that, to me, mimics his visual work.

He’s shown work all over The East Bay and SF in galleries such as Fort, Forthrite and 111 Minna. So check it out!

Mural - Europe

Follow Me

Tape Loop Installation

Head Space

“I am an artist and musician based in Oakland, Ca. I explore as many mediums as I can but have recently been fixated on graphite, india ink, spraypaint and print making. Much of my work is based on dreams and the fusion of psychedelic mutated formations with imaginative natural environments.
I work in the NOW and create as I go, “mistakes” are welcomed and played off of until a desired result is achieved. Pushing ideas and techniques away from routine is very fulfilling, but I can also drift into relaxed repetitive continual motion.” – Billy Sprague via www.billysprague.com